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Pink Knock: The Easiest Way to Hire Event Professionals

Hiring event professionals whether it be a wedding, or an event can be tricky and time-consuming. The website Pink Knock promises to end all your event/wedding day woes by connecting you to a freelance professional in minutes.

With quirky search filters that allow you to find exactly what type of vendor or service you need, this site is an absolute must for any event planner, groom or bride-to-be looking for vendors on their special day. It's also excellent for anyone who needs a photographer, videographer, D.J., or a wedding/event planner. Pink Knock provides a pool of freelancers specializing in those services. It makes hiring the right professional as easy as booking a hotel room within your budget. With a few clicks, you can search for vendors and service providers for the area of your choice.

The site is also free to join, saving you time and money on hiring an event planner, photographer, videographer or D.J. of your choice and on budget. Once you find someone who meets all your needs/requirements, simply click on the thumbnail, and follow each step to book the event professional through Pink Knock's secure system.  You will then be able to get in contact with the hired professional and get into more details of your event/special day.

For now, Pink Knock provides services only in the U.S. and Canada but plans to expand to other parts of the world.

Below are just some of the core benefits of using Pink Knock:

Save Money

Many event/wedding companies charge a significant markup due to overhead costs, especially if you work with them outside their home city. Pink Knock will allow you to find a professional directly versus a company that will do the same service for less and save you money. There are no overhead costs, no middleman fees, or commissions that you would have to pay if you were to book through a company.

Get What You Want

Pink Knock allows you to search for providers who specialize in the type of service that you're looking for, increasing your chances to find exactly what you need. It also allows more time and less hassle to find your perfect match without all the meetings. But if you were to hire a company, you may not always get what you're looking for. Bigger companies, for instance, typically provide the best service to those hosting larger events and, in turn, paying the highest price.

Get Personalized Service

With Pink Knock, you will have the better access to event professionals than companies do and without the added costs or worries of who you will get. Get exactly what you want without having to settle for less.

Simply put, Pink Knock is the easiest way to find event/wedding professionals in your area.

No Phone Calls or Countless Meetings

With Pink Knock, you can search through all your potential vendors and professionals before booking them with just one click. It will save you time by eliminating in-person meetings, phone calls which typically end up consuming your valuable time.

Focus on Your Guests

It's your day! Pink Knock will allow you to take a break from the vendor hunt and focus on your guests. You'll be able to enjoy other aspects of planning for your wedding while letting Pink Knock handle the vendor search for you as we vet all professionals on our Pink Knock platform.

Save Time

Finding the right person or company can take time and being able to find them in an instant is convenient. You don't have to spend hours looking for someone when they're just one click away—no more wasting precious moments finding your perfect match with Pink Knock.

No More Searching

The site is easy and fun to use. It takes the stress out of trying to find vendors on your own. All events/weddings are different, meaning each person may need something different from their vendor, but at least with Pink Knock, everything can be found within one website. No more endless hours spent scrolling through hundreds of websites and reviews only to still not find what you're looking for.

It's Secure

Pink Knock is not only fast, but it's also a safe place to find your vendors. It vets all the professionals, so you don't have to worry about any of them being unqualified or unreliable. All payments are made through the site, and all contracts are sent through email, so your personal information is never exposed or shared.

In short, Pink Knock is the easiest way to hire wedding and event professionals. Don't hesitate to give it a try! You'll be glad you did.